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Movistar launches Joyn, the new enriched communications service with messaging and video

- Joyn is a service based on the GSMA standard "RCS", which defines a set of interoperable advanced communications such as chat between two people or groups, file transfer and video sharing during a voice call.
- These services work among the customers of different operators and between terminals.
- Customers of Movistar in Spain may download the application and enjoy the new Joyn services completely free of charge.
- The application can be downloaded via "Google Play" for all supported Android devices and will soon be available also for iPhone.
- In the coming months, the service also will be offered natively from the mobile handsets of tier one manufacturers.

Madrid, June 11th, 2012.-  Movistar launches in Spain a new advanced multioperator communications service, Joyn, trademark of RCS-e services. Today all Movistar users who have a supported Android device can now enjoy Joyn functionality for free.


Joyn offers an Advanced Agenda, which identifies with the logo of the application to those contacts of the customer who already have the service available, and with whom you can chat and exchange multimedia files. Joyn presents communications options that can be used with each contact according to several variables, such as the level of coverage, the status of the terminal or the processing capacity of the handset to support communications with guaranteed quality.


Joyn improves messages and voice communications between users. It offers multimedia chat features to talk individually or in groups and to share any kind of file such as photos, music, videos. It also introduces enriched calls, allowing any participant in a regular call to show real-time video or photos while talking as a new “see-what-I-see” feature. .


Joyn is easier to use than other applications since it requires no subscriptions, new passwords or registration. Moreover, being a telecom operator service, it provides telco standard for service quality and data protection security.


Data consumption for using Joyn will be at no cost to Movistar customers, except when used abroad over a roaming network. For customers with flat rate data plans, the traffic generated by this service will neither count against the monthly data forfeit. For prepaid customers the service will also be offered for free, but to use it the customer shall have positive credit balance.


At this moment, Joyn is available in Spain for Movistar and Vodafone customers. Orange is expected to offer the service as well in short time.


To use Joyn customers just need to have a phone with Android OS version 2.2 or above, Access GooglePlay, search for Joyn, download and run the application for free. It is expected that the application will soon be available for iPhone, and that during 2012 leading manufacturers will include the service natively on their devices.


The launch of this service is part of the initiatives around the RCS standard, defined by the telecom operators to evolve their traditional voice and messaging services into a new range of enriched universal communications combining voice, video and messaging.